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Ishii Koji

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Hand crafted Coffee Measure by artisan wood carver Ishii Koji

Carefully hand carved one by one from a single piece of wood; the wood carver Ishii-san puts life into each and every spoon so that it accommodates well into the user’s hands in no time. Made from four types of wood, cherry, maple, oak and walnut, with individual characteristics, colors and grain at its finest as a measuring spoon.

Maintenance Tips

Since it is handmade, the sizes may differ and it may change its size from environmental changes. It may have streaks that exist naturally. They are dipped in oil for the final touch to protect the surface without disabling it to breathe unlike application of urethane or varnish. With this finish, it needs careful attention with water since it may leave stains if it is left in contact with water for too long. When washing, please dry as soon as possible and avoid sitting in water. When the spoons turn white due to dryness, apply some oil for recovery. When left under the sunlight, it could crack or deform so it is advised to be placed in an airy space.

 About Ishii Koji

Ishii Koji-san is a young wood carving artist we met at an exhibition last winter. Ishii-san was once a construction worker and furniture constructor but he could not find his heart at comfort in those positions. In search for life as a creator, he studied wood craft full-time and that is when he found his life work as a wood tableware craftsman. Ishii-san has great passion for creating wooden tableware that encourages a human-to-wood contact within daily lives. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great design

Well crafted, it was purchase as a gift for a friend. He loves it.


Gorgeously crafted wooden scoop—so light and well balanced.

A real beauty

This is an excellent hand-made wooden (walnut) coffee scoop. A nice way to class up your morning ritual.

Good hand crafted

Beautifully wood design
so quick to get the product

Perfect Walnut Coffee Scoop

Beautifully hand crafted from walnut. Especially like the long handle. Purchased as a gift.

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