Kalita Wave Tsubame 155 Stainless


Kalita Tsubame Wave Dripper Stainless 

Kalita’s very first product created in collaboration with “Made in Tsubame”, a brand and engraved mark that is given only to products that pass the conditions set by the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

This new dripper is completely handmade by the qualified craftsmen of Tsubame-shi, a well-known district in Niigata prefecture for its metalworking craftsmen and their techniques. 

Produced with Kalita’s traditional three-hole structure with a flat bottom designed to extract evenly, allowing to accommodate all brewers. Together with the wave filters, anyone can brew with a consistent flavor each and every time.

Paper Filters:
Kalita Wave - Brown Paper Filter 50 sheets
Kalita Wave - White Paper Filter 100 sheets


How to Brew with Kalita Wave
What you need

Kalita Wave dripper
Kalita Wave paper filter (Rinse before use)
Burr blade griner
Pouring kettle
Digital scale
Stop watch
15G Grind coffee ( Around EK43 : 7.5 Course- medium grind )
Water Temperature : 90 - 93 degrees

>>Lean more about the recipe



#155 brews 1-2 cups of beautifully smooth filtered coffee
Use Kalita wave filters sold separately


Material: Stainless
Dishwasher safe
Size: #155: Height 5.7x Diameter 10.5cm 
Weight: #155: 177 g (Postage weight 200g) 
Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Great dripper


I just love it

This is a brilliant addition to my collection.
The learning curve is a bit steeper then with the 185, but who doesn't love a challenge?
Once you get all the variables right it makes a gorgeous cup and the satisfaction makes it even taste better.
I absolutely love the design over the "regular" Kalita and in time will surely buy the larger version.

Thank you for making products like this available in my end of the world (Europe)

Dear Frederick, Thank you so much for your lovely review! We're so happy to hear that you love the new addition to your kitchen! We can't take our eyes off of Kalita's new challenges and charming collections indeed! Thank you again for shopping with us, happy brewing :)
Kalita Wave Tsubame

My new toy kalita wave tsubame

Thank you for the great photo! It looks perfect in your chic interior!
At home with the TSUBAME stainless

The TSUBAME range of drippers (both copper and stainless) are simply one of the best purchases you can make.
if your a regular home brewer or just starting out, you can absolutely benefit from the TSUBAME dripper. The flavours you can gain are easily noticeable and sipping through the cup you'll instantly recognize the difference. I pour just about every brewing method and i find myself constantly amazed at what extracts through these.. from 14g to 21g dose, i have had incredible results with 1/15 and 1/10 ratios..
If you love to photograph your brewing.. how does it get much sexier than a TSUBAME dripper..
A great product that i rate 10/10 for all aspects regarding the brewing experience.
Get into these, you won't regret it :)

Thank you so much for an excellent review and a recommended recipe!!! Will definitely try your extraction recipe.

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