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Wonderful Variety

I've had the coffee subscription for nearly a year and have never been disappointed! Thank you for the opportunity to try so many different roast types and flavor profiles from all over Japan!


Easy to use and arrived fast

Lightweight and reliable

Easy to use and adjust for every brew method. Also very lightweight so your hands don't get tired easily

Elegant Dripper

Looks great on the brew bar.

Elegant dripper

Looks great on the brew bar.

Great Filter and great packing

Thank you for providing us with selling this product as usually Kalita is one of the best product for paper filter, this paper has a good quality paper that would not change the taste of the coffee too much.. the design wave is preventing the paper to sticking to the wall of dripper. The packaging is very good so while send this to other country the boxes is not damaged.

Coffee can not taste better...

Excellent piece of art. Great to handle and to look at. And coffee can not taste better with a help from Miyako.

A good asset

I don't mind this product. It is ultra light, and has a nice spout.
Definitely worth it's money.


As usual very good service

Always order my filters from kurasu.easy and fast.

Best specialty coffee from japan

Good coffee and fast shipping.


Beautiful design, makes a rich and lovely cup of coffee. Makes my ever morning routine even more special. Don't wait. It's phenomenal.

Attention to detail - right to your door!

I've subscribed to a number of international subscriptions as the non-US roasters are a nice change from what's generally available. The quality, service, and communication lelvel make this particular subscription truly special. I really appreciate the brewing notes that come along with the coffees and it has really opened me up to variations away from the traditional V60/Kalita methods I have become used to.

Beautiful coffee server

This server is just beautiful! Love it and use it every day.


Filters from Kurasu shop are cheaper and much much much better than those in local coffee store=)

Awesome dripper

good futuristic shape, good quality, good coffee taste.

The best purchase in my life=)

This amazing yellow dripper makes my morning coffee routine extraordinary. Thank you.

Beautiful and very soft

Beautiful and very soft towel

Best portable tumbler ever!

This is totally the best tumbler you'll ever buy. The Kurasu colour ways are also the nicest!

Love it!

This dripper has ranked favourite in my already large collection. The goods from Kurasu are just beautiful.

Quality is good. The design shows the beauty of simplicity .

Kurasu Cap

Beautiful hat, good quality!
きれい、 良質の帽子!!

As good as you can imagine..

Honestly, I had quite a few coffees by now. Including some microlots. Also Im sorta fan of mr. Gardelli work. Well, this is every bit as good.

Coffee has beautifully balanced taste, there isnt single one that would be too dominant, its just perfect mix of scents and flavours. Aftertaste is indeed very long and pleasant.

Ive prepared coffee in Hario V60 01 Ilcana, used Takahiro Shizuku as kettle, regular Hario 01 paper filters. Water used was tweaked to SCA specs. Grind 24 clicks on Comandante Ironheart. 1:18 ratio (Golden cup), 14g of coffee to 250g of water.

I went slowly at start, 50g over 50 seconds, waited till most is dripped away, then continued in 50g increments till I reached 250g around 4 mins. Key is to pour when water level drops to "almost can see beneath surface". Then just wait till like 5 mins, take away dripper and wait some more (coffee is best if it cools a tiny bit). Swirl with server gently, pour into preheated cup and enjoy.

Ofc there are many ways to prepare this coffee, its just how I did it right now. I think I will try Origami dripper with Kalita filter tomorrow, maybe Aeropress after that and finish bag with nel filter.

Anyway, honestly this is one of best cups I had. If I should guess cupping score, its probably pretty close to 90 points (88 something would be my guess). Its world class, buy it!

Great service & aesthetic set of coffee dripper

Without any lengthy details, just want to say I am truly impressed with their great customer service. Plus, this coffee dripper set is truly beautiful, love the wooden handle, quality wise is good (made in Japan), I would definitely purchase from Kurasu again in future.

Kurasu Kyoto

Ordered a shirt! Ordered a M (probably could’ve ordered S) and shipping to US is slightly questionable. Arrived early & I love it!

Perfect size durable cup

Keeps coffee warm for a while but not too long. Great fit with mesh drip filter for perfect coffee on a busy day at work

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