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A nice design and pratical

Nice to see, original design and useful to protect the delicate Kalita Wave filters. They are safe for your trips

cute but powerful

"mountain", my first instance imaging is Fuji mountain. The color matching concern, I bought a black one. It is still cute and modern design and good performance.

Thank you so much for your review Jayne!
Love this kettle

I already have a white one and bought a black one this time. Love those kettles, pretty design, delicate handcraft, very easy to control the water flow.

Sleek and Minimalist

Goes well with my existing all-black coffee gear. The ability adjust height level is a great bonus.

Nice dripper ^-^

Love the look of this thing. To note for anyone who has used a V60: Due to the wider opening and the ribbed internal surface, this dripper brew longer than a V60. Great for a stronger cup :)

This coffee was very nice

This coffee was very nice. The flavour for green tea was very bright and this coffee looks like drink a tea actually.

Best papers

Simply the best i use them for all cone shaped brews for fast drain rates, good body and extra sweetness.

Fun and Versatile

Origami Dripper has given me so much enjoyment in trying experimental brewing methods. Drain rate is a bit patchy - but once you learn the ins and outs of the dripper it is very rewarding.

Consistency, Body and Sweetness

This dripper has an exceptional drain rate and has given me my favourite cups of coffee over the past 12 months thanks to its advantages of drawing out huge amounts of body and sweetness from coffees.

Tote Sacoche Bag

the package delivered really fast thank you.

Highly Recommended

Great product, price and delivery.

Great Packaging

Packaging was the important things if you are order internationally, because the delivery method could be various, and bump on the boxes is always unavoidable..
I already purchase two times and both purchase was completely great, the package was not bump.. thums up!


Good transportation to Bangkok

Best dripper

One of the best droppers I’ve ever had. Able to control time to my grind and coffee. Gives the perfect cup.

Great filters!
Clean taste, great flowrate

So soothing

I really like this Houseblend. It's so fresh and very nutty taste.
Hope to order soon.

Awesome hand grinder

I love this grinder. It's very functional and easy to use everywhere.
Thank you Kurasu team.

A beautiful art work

I really enjoy using the ORIGAMI dripper. It's not only a dripper, and also a piece of art. I love it so much❣️

So passionate coffee

Delicate coffee from different Japanese roasters to surprised you every month and delivery was so fast and easy tracking.

Fast shipping, great products!
Will order again :)


Absolutely in love with this kettle. I have small hands so this kettle is just perfect for me!


Makes great coffee with both flat and cone filters

So special!

Love the very delicate and wonderful coffees from Japan! It’s a joy to open the package and read about the roaster each month. The coffee will not disappoint! So delicious!

Ethiopia Arsosala

Love the clean roast

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