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1616 / Arita introduces Colour Porcelain series


1616 / S&B “Colour Porcelain” Design: Scholten & Baijings

This 1616 / S&B “Colour Porcelain” series is a new interpretation of Japanese traditional colours, offered by two Dutch designers, Scholten & Baijings. Teruhiro Yanagihara, the creative director of 1616 / Arita Japan, has created the 1616 series exploring the new horizon of pottery and ceramics. He pursued the “standard” in design, which fits with a lot of different life styles and food/drink cultures. Scholten & Baijings did a thorough research and analysis of Arita-yaki ceramics, and had come to realise these variants which complement Yanagihara’s practical and modern design, while maintaining Arita-yaki’s traditional colour palette.

About Scholten & Baijings:

Established by Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings in 2000, they have been creating minimal and well calculated colour combinations integrating with traditional craft techniques. They are known for having the Zuiderzee Museum, Audax Textile Museum, RoyalVKB, Established & Sons, HAY, Thomas Eyck, Pastoe and more as their clients.

They have received their second Dutch Design Award, a Wallpaper Design Award and the ELLE Decoration International Design Award for Young Designer Talent 2011.

More information about them >> http://www.scholtenbaijings.com

Ideal capacities:

Mug: 200 ml



Why we love the 1616/Arita range

Modern, minimal design by Teruhiro Yanagihara

Hand-made in Arita, southern Japan

Crafted using traditional Arita-yaki, artisan pottery techniques

Aesthetically pleasing with a soft, warm touch


Material: Porcelain

Suitable for microwave and dishwasher

ø72 x H85mm, weight: 139g

Hand-made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Truly a sheer pleasure to drink my coffee out of it, which in all honesty left me somewhat astonished as the article in questioned seemingly has a design with tea in mind! Nevertheless, I am satisfied. Thank you.



Thank you very much for the review! Wonderful to hear:)
5 star

1616/Arita SB Mug Blue / Pink / Brown / Yellow

Thank you so much for the purchase and the review! Truly appreciate it.

The colours aren't vibrant as in the photos (or compared to ones I've seen at Shop/Shop in Amsterdam), but not sure if that's because of an intellectual property issue or if these are knock-offs. The porcelain does feel nice, but I've already got cracks in the glaze after a month, and I only hand-wash it.

Dear Amy, Thank you very much for shopping with us. We are sorry to hear that the color of the products were not matching with your expectation. If the condition of the item is extremely unacceptable, could you send us some photos of the item? We will pass them on to the manufacturer and ask for their advice. However, please note that we can assure it is authentic, not a copy product or a knock-off, and we would like to ask for your understanding that each item has its different characteristics due to the nature of hand-made porcelain. Regarding the crack on the glaze, it usually happens when the pottery experiences a change in temperature after taken out from the oven (called 'craze'), and it becomes more visible as you use. Again, this is another characteristics of glazed pottery and not considered a damage (if the crack can be seen from both sides of the surface, that is a damage.) Thank you again for shopping with us and we apologize for the disappointment caused. Best, Kurasu Aya Tanaka

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