Ethiopia Gesha Village Oma 100g


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Gesha living up to its name- vibrant acidity of green apples and freshness of a ripe sweet lemon.


Ethiopia Gesha Village Oma (Light roast)

Country: Ethiopia

Area: Bebeka, Oma/ Benchi-Maji

Process: Fully washed

Variety: Gesha 1931

Altitude: 1901-2069m

Flavor note: Green apple , Sweet lemon, Earl Grey tea, Long-lasting aftertaste

Barista's comment:  Vibrant acidity of green apples and freshness of a ripe sweet lemon. Enjoy the clean mouthfeel and long after taste of English tea — amazing cup quality, what you would expect for a Gesha.

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I ordered this coffee for a friend, and he was kind enough to let me try it. Wow. This was one of the first coffees I tried from Kurasu's own roaster, Fushimi Inari, and all I can say is wow. They really did an absolutely fantastic job and I am looking forward to other coffee roasted at Fushimi. This is everything you've heard about and expect from a Gesha. We brewed it using a V60, and the method highlighted the green apple and citrus notes. And the aftertaste! This is a fantastic coffee.

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