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ILCANA introduces V60 Drippers in Japanese Traditional Color Palette

ILCANA is a coffee equipment brand located in Yamanashi. Just like their best-selling dripper, Mt.FUJI DRIPPER, their creation magically blend into everyone's daily life while being uniquely charming, making you smile every day. 

This pretty pink dripper is created by ILCANA with a collaboration with HARIO, expressing a series of Japanese traditional color palette. This is a color of precious birds, crested ibis ("toki" in Japanese) and their lovely pale pink/peachy feather.  

A perfect choice to add to your collection and for someone who already has V60!

<HARIO V60 Design>

With its swirling ridges and startling looks, the Hario V60, Ceramic Coffee Dripper is a staple to any filter kit. The ceramic filter cone of the V60 highlights the flavor-enhancing ribbing and aesthetic elegance of Hario’s exquisite, hand-pour coffee dripper.

Conceived and crafted in Japan, the V60 has become a ‘go to’ dripper design for leading baristas in many of the world’s most popular pour-over coffee shops. 


The spiral ribs of the Hario V60 are designed to extract the most subtle hints of flavor. The ridges also form insulating air channels which help to maintain an even brewing temperature within the filter. The single hole at the bottom of the cone allows the character of the brew to be finely tuned by the speed of the pour.
This ‘02’ size coffee dripper can fill 1 to 4 cups with deliciously brewed, aromatic coffee.​


    Beautiful white ceramic dripper
    Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs
    Makes up to 4 cups of pour-over, filter coffee
    Achieves professional standards of flavor control


      Material: Ceramic (Arita-yaki)
      Size: W140×D120×H102mm
      Not suitable for use in microwave and dishwasher
      Use with cone-shaped paper filter
      Made in Japan
      How to Brew

      What you need:

      Pour over cone, Paper filter (rinse before use), Burr blade grinder, Pouring kettle, Digital scales, Server, Stopwatch.

      12g Grind Coffee (Around EK43: 7 Fine-medium grind)

      Water temperature: 92-96 degrees

      >>Learn more about the recipe

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      It’s wonderful!

      It’s delightful and brews the best cup of coffee. What’s not to LOVE about the ILCANA ceramic V60 dripper?


      I really like this V60 dripper. The light pink is so beautiful.


      Beautiful light pink dripper that pulls out amazing coffee. I really like my Ilcana limited edition v60 dripper.

      Limited Edition Pink!

      Kurasu advertised this lovely v60 as a collab and I am a sucker for limited edition items! The pink is a soft baby pink. Not overpowering or girly! Works just as great as any other drip. Delivered safely in wrap and in a box. Used it immediately! Works great!


      Stunning dripper, and quick delivery from Japan. Colour is really lovely, and nice heavy ceramic keeps the heat well.
      GO KURASU!

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