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Delicious iced coffee with Cold-brew immersion

As its name suggests, the coffee is extracted with cold water instead of hot water. With other techniques, like the "Rapid Cooling Method," iced coffee is prepared quickly with hotwater and ice cubes. MIZUDASHI coffee is extracted gradually over time and provides a rich, syrupy texture and mild flavor.



How to make Mizudashi Coffee

Fill the strainer with your favorite ground coffee and snap shut, set the strainer into the silicone lid and lower into the glass bottle, making sure to seal the lid to the glass. Gently pour water into the bottle and close the silicone cap. Slowly sway the bottle from side to side to promote even extraction of the coffee into the water. Leave it in the refrigerator for eight hours to complete the extraction.


    Removable bottle spout・Stopper / Silicone rubber
    Strainer / Polypropylene
    Filter・Mesh / Polyester
    Glass bottle / Heatproof glass

    Customer Q&A

    What grind size do you use?
    What you would usually use for your filter brew - coarse grind works best for us.
    Although the grind size will depend on the coffee and your preference.
    How much coffee do you use?
     Again, the ratio depends on your preference, but at Kurasu Kyoto, we use 50g of coffee beans with 750 g of water, and extract for 8-15hrs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    Perfect for cold brewing

    It was soooo simple to make a bottle of perfect cold brew. Highly recommend it to new coffee lovers!


    Fast delivery and the item received was packed securely. I love the bottle!

    Great product

    Easy to use. Fast shipping

    The product was really great!

    The shipment process was good a little slow but acceptable. I’m looking forward to visit your shop soon.

    I love this product

    My daughter introduced me to cold brew some years ago and it has become my favourite way to drink coffee, so I bought us one Hario Filter bottle each and I use mine every day.

    Recently I bought another one for my friend's birthday and now she loves it too!

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