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Just wait and push to get a perfect cup.

The ultimate fail-proof dripper by Hario

V60 is all about creativity and freedom of brewing control, which makes this legendally dripper wonderfully exciting and charmingly challenging at the same time. But isn't it nice to have something different time to time? Especially when you are busy but can't give up a good cup? A big YES! 

This immersion dripper introduced by Hario is super easy to use, fail-proof dripper that gives you a perfectly brewed cup- all you have to do is pour and wait. 

 A stainless ball on the bottom of the dripper blocks the water from dripping, and after 2 minutes, a beautiful 200ml of coffee is ready to go! By pushing down the switch it lifts the ball, releasing the coffee and let it drip into a mug.  


    Easy to use dripper that makes a great cup of coffee with one push
    Stunning aesthetic design with spiral ribs
    Makes 200 ml of coffee
    Comes with a brewing guide and user manual


      Size: W118 × D115 × H133mm  
      Not suitable for use in microwave
      Glass bowl: Heat resistant glass
      Base: Silicone rubber
      Switch: PCT resin
      Stainless ball: Stainless steel
      Made in Japan
      *All parts can be removed for cleaning. When re-assembling, please read the instruction thoroughly to ensure that all parts are set up properly.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Great innovation from Hario

      Didn't disappoint. Must have Dripper at the bar. Can play with a lot of methods with dripper.

      Better than expected

      It’s really great. I buyed this Hario product expecting an alternative for Clever method, but this is really good, definitely one to be recommended.

      Beautiful Device, Perfect Customer Service

      I was very impressed by the quality in taste produced by this new and nifty Hario system. I found that 20g of medium fine coffee with 200 ml of water produced a solid result, one that I will continue to experiment with to get just right! I will be purchasing more of these to use within my coffee business very soon :)

      More importantly to me, however, was the customer service. My experience so far with Kurasu has been absolutely perfect. Yozo displays a great deal of respect and gratitude in every interaction. As a half-Japanese American living in California, I am reminded of the beauty and politeness of the Japanese culture with every Kurasu experience. Thank you so very much! I highly recommend their products and services in general :)

      Takes out the guess work

      This immersion dripper takes to the guess work of brewing a good cup cf coffee. The taste of coffee is not as subtle as using a drip and it makes a stronger cup of coffee, But it is ideal for a busy day and is mistake free except when you forget to close the switch ;). There is not as much variation as making coffee with a hario v60 dripper but you can still play around with immersion time and grind size.

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